{a place for moms}

Athena has been a mom with an entrepreneurial spirit
for more than half of her life. 

Two recurring truths over the past 21 years:
1). many moms say they struggle with fear and anxiety
2). all moms say they need encouragement

Some common struggles not often talked about:

  • Excessive worry
  • Fear of negatively affecting kids & family
  • Periodic faith crises
  • Going through the motions instead of living life with purpose
  • Self-employed & struggling instead of enjoying an abundant entrepreneurial lifestyle

Athena has been there.  she can help you.

you are in the right place.

The only topics discussed here are:
{parenting, faith, life & business}

No matter what stage of motherhood you are in, sometimes life just happens: empty nest, postpartum, teenage drinking, teething, training bras, drivers permits, colic, stretch marks, baby weight, video game boundaries, makeup, shaving, sibling rivalry, rebellious rantings, ultrasound, breast feeding, Facebook, rolling of the eyes, deciding whether or not ketchup is in fact a vegetable, slamming doors, birds & bees, diaper rash remedies, texting, tweeting, twerking, timeouts, terrible twos, terrible tweens, obnoxious teens, you name it! These can all take their toll on your sanity or put a strain on your closest relationships. Yet the opportunity for joy and fulfillment during these years is so incredible… when we have the tools we need.

Athena speaks and teaches from a biblical perspective; she has successfully transformed her parenting style and her lifestyle by focusing on the foundational principles she’s learned in the bible. In fact she has developed a method for her coaching practice which focuses on 5 specific areas. She calls it The ALOHA Method© . Athena hasn’t always lived a blessed-abundant life in Hawaii; her “underdog to overcomer” testimony has encouraged hundreds of women and given them hope during times of great discouragement and she is sure to encourage you.

As a professionally trained Life Coach and Christian Counseling student, Athena’s passion and life’s purpose is encouraging women by helping them build healthy, abundant lives for themselves and their families.

Athena’s articles, podcasts & videos are heart-warming and authentic.  She cuts through the nonsense and offers informative-inspiring insights on some of the biggest obstacles facing families today, like effective communication, conflict resolution, and how to keep from losing your mind and your patience through it all; all from a Biblical perspective.

Bringing encouragement, practical tips and real tools with proven methods for handling the not-often-talked-about areas of life, faith and motherhood; all delivered with grace and a touch of humor, leaving you with a hopeful outlook.

We are so happy you are here.  We look forward to connecting with you.

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